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Part 20 is out, in case the news somehow hasn't reached you yet.
To those who are happy with it, great. To those who aren't, I don't blame you and I respect your opinion.
Working on HELP_Tale wasn't as fun as it used to be. My interest in Undertale has decreased, while my focus has shifted to Pokemon (my interests vary as time goes on, so even my Pokemon interest could change in the future).

I will no longer be responsible for whatever happens to the comic in the future, as the person who was originally in charge (Killer_The_Cat) has returned. I was only working on the comic as a substitute creator since the original creators had life issues of their own to deal with (NoName, one of the people who worked on the comic, had their laptop break during part 19's production). When Killer told us what he was planning to do with the comic in the dev team's Discord server (many days ago, April 17th, to be exact), I felt the need to crank out part 20 as fast as possible in case he made an announcement or posted something. I even pulled an all-nighter to finish it. Some parts of pt. 20 were good, while others were a bit "meh" (just because it's something I made doesn't mean my judgment will be completely clouded by bias ;P).

I blame my rushing (out of paranoia that Killer was going to make a move before I finished part 20 in time) and my insufficient amount of enthusiasm for the result of part 20's quality, and I'm hoping that what Killer is planning will make up for that. I won't elaborate much on what he's planning at the moment until he makes an official announcement since I'm no mind-reader. I feel it is most wise to pass the baton back to Killer and his team since the comic will probably be in better hands with people who have a higher interest and enthusiasm with Undertale than I do at the moment (and besides, it's not like I owned the comic, to begin with, so I'm not even the head honcho of HELP_Tale). =P

To those who stuck around through HELP_Tale's ridiculous hiatus, "death", and revival, I thank you for your patience. It was fun working on the comic while the fun lasted. Don't worry, I'm not ditching HELP_Tale and leaving the dev team; I'll only be cheering it on from the sidelines/behind the curtains, providing my help with ideas and whatnot whenever needed.

Thank for reading.

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Hello, pageviewers!
I spend most of my free time on the computer. I like animating and drawing digital and traditional pictures. I'm more of a Techno music person.
My interests vary as time goes on, so not everything can be set in stone! ^.^

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"Don't just sit there and take it. Life's bullshit isn't a damn math test."
"Life is breakfast, lunch, and dinner; death is the dessert that is the finale of the entire meal."
"On the Internet, having a different opinion can be so evil... Oh, I have an idea! Let's all act like mindless puppets! Who wants to be Pinocchio?"

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Violet Wondertunes, the Musical Wondercat
Violet Wondertunes was a self-insert character created by artist and hobbyist music composer Marian Bonaventura.

Violet would occasionally have 7 little cats that would pop out of the top of her magical box like it was another dimension that would dance to the songs she played and sometimes even partake in her shenanigans. Gracie, the mother of them all, plays along with Violet's pranks and reminds her kids who is boss if they decided to act naughty. Jasper is like an adoptive step-son to Violet. He really likes kitty treats, and knows how to act cute to his advantage. Fina and Madeline are Violet's favorites, as well. Fina was once nicknamed "Feisty Fina" as a young kitten, and can get really loud when she's happy or looking for attention. Madeline enjoys following Violet around and enjoys any attention she gets from her "second mom". She too can be a bit feisty when it comes to getting what she wants. She also likes to wear a little white moustache on her face as a sort of disguise. Rigby is the biggest scaredy-cat, and is quick to run and hide from things that startle her. Her and Madeline don't like each other too much, and fight for Violet's attention. Francis is a mama's girl that is often by Gracie's side. She is also a foodie that loves trying new things, which explains her pudginess. Francis also screams very loud if one of her sisters try to lay a single paw on her; she's quite the drama queen. Harrietta is a skinny kitty who is the fastest runner of them all. She uses her speed to quickly get away from situations that turn sour, as she is the second most easily scared cat. If something doesn't go her way, she makes lots of noise with her claws until she either gets what she wants or is scared into stopping.

Violet carried around a special crank-operated music box with a speaker she'd pull out of nowhere called the "Magical Fruity Studio Box". While the back of the box is never shown, it is speculated that there are several buttons on the back, as Violet was seen pushing a few of them before she actually starts up the box. The box is like a compact one-man-band that mysteriously plays various instruments together without explanation; more often than not, that box played the music Marian composed. She also had a love for mischief and excessive cartoon violence on top of the similar personality she shared with her creator. Violet would defy the laws of physics, pull oversized weapons from thin air, and even stretch people to such an extent that they became capes for her to play superhero with for the rest of the episode. Violet was quite violent, but in a sort of kid-friendly manner. Bendy would always outrun Violet, and sometimes even gave her a taste of her own medicine if she messed with others too much. Violet would never mess with Boris because he was quite tall (and we all know what happens with felines and canines). Even Alice Angel fell victim to Violet's mischief, but that rarely happened since she would often discover the tricks she hid up her sleeve and would be prepared to deal with the bad kitty... with a spray bottle!

Fun fact:
Violet was named after a Toontown character I created named "Little Violet Wondertoon".
Marian Bonaventura - BatIM Sona
Marian (or "Mary", for short) Bonaventura was a hired artist who also composed songs for characters as a little hobby. She sometimes wrote short melodies that would play in certain parts of cartoon episodes, since the longer and more elaborate songs weren't her responsibility. When she returned to her old place of work long after it closed down, she paid the price for trespassing for the sake of nostalgic fun and was turned into a humanoid ink creature against her will. She had to get used to the new body, even if it took a toll on her mental health...

She now carries around a little plushy of Bendy wherever she goes, believing it'll bring good luck. Sometimes it speaks to her and gives her advice, but that's most likely all in her head. The bandages on her hands were stolen from the blocked off infirmary to keep her inky hands from dirtying up any paper she can find and draw on. If she runs out of paper, she starts drawing and writing on the walls. To try and be more like a certain cartoon cat she created, she molded little cat ears on her head; unfortunately, they don't always last very long and eventually melt back down onto her head. =w=

Read her backstory here!


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