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Since trying to get a premium membership using the points from a mere donation pool would be silly, I have set this up just for people who would like to show an act of kindness with points. :aww:

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If you thought fighting Sans at the end of a Genocide Run in Undertale was bad, imagine fighting THIS guy...

Darling, idiots like you should be BURNING IN HELL by Cephei97

I made a battle theme for this scenario. Enjoy!


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United States
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Please note: Some of the accounts listed above have been created to counter fake versions (and future fake versions) of myself; don't expect every account to be active!

Exceptions to the tiles in gray are very rare. I choose who I give gifts to; please do not ask or beg, as I do not take requests.

Hello, pageviewers!
I spend most of my free time on the computer. I like animating and drawing digital and traditional pictures. I'm more of a Techno music person.
My interests vary as time goes on, so not everything can be set in stone! ^.^

Current Residence: Floating around cyberspace in the ocean of binary code...

Personal Quotes:
"When I have nothing better to do, RANDOMNESS IS IMMINENT."
"Hold the signature invention of Alexander Graham Bell."
"In the dung desert that is the Internet, there will always be shitstorms. Have an umbrella at the ready. Try not to bring any fans."
"Thinking outside of the box is the best way to be a giraffe amongst sheep— just try not to smack each other in the neck if you meet another giraffe."
"Don't just sit there and take it. Life's bullshit isn't a damn math test."
"Life is breakfast, lunch, and dinner; death is the dessert that is the finale of the entire meal."
"On the Internet, having a different opinion can be so evil... Oh, I have an idea! Let's all act like mindless puppets! Who wants to be Pinocchio?"

The best way to hate... by TsukiKoibito

If you watch me, you should also watch :iconnexusdrakeson:!
He makes some of the best Desolate Hope models on Blender...

CoffeeBot by NexusDrakeson


All buttons, stamps, and misc. things found here!

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There's a Beautiful View Outside by Cephei97
There's a Beautiful View Outside
Next up on "Shitposts Gone Detailed"...

While discussing whatever on Steam, my friend Scyther came up with an Undertale AU called Terminatortale where Sans is a T-800 model 101 terminator (who tells puns while terminating people) and Chara's name is Chara Connor. W. D. Gaster is a T-1000. The other characters haven't been given their own roles yet.

This was originally going to be one quick sketchy doodle, but once again my brain wanted to do more with it since my creativity is nocturnal. I'm glad I listened to it.
Also, this is my first time actually drawing the skeletal face of a terminator. How this didn't end up looking like a potato is beyond me. 
Discord Awaits by Cephei97
Discord Awaits
This was originally supposed to be a posted-straight-to-scraps mouse drawing shitpost with flat colors to practice vector mouse drawing and then it escalated to this (damn you late night curiosity for imagining things in higher detail! I got no sleep. >:^B). I feel like my hand will slowly detach itself from my wrist... RIP lefty— I will miss you.

In HELP_Tale's Discord chat, I nicknamed myself "Chara" and even gave myself the proper profile picture. I sometimes even get in-character on arbitrary occasions without many signs of extremely obvious roleplaying for the shits 'n giggles and because it's just so easy for me to slip into it.

This drawing was just a silly image in my head I had of myself if I looked more like Chara. I just look like a Chara recolor with slightly curlier black hair and slightly darker skin. =P

Annoying Dog censor so no triggered deviantFART admin sticks an unnecessary filter on this eheueheuheue
I Have No Mouth and I Must_SCREAM by Cephei97
I Have No Mouth and I Must_SCREAM
I took a shot at some lineless art again...
This is one of my favorite AUs. I recommend it.
Help_tale's trailer can be found here.

HELP_tale in a nutshell:

An AU where everything is almost the same except every character is themselves swapped with an AU of themselves swapped with an AU of themse͠l͠ve҉s̢ swapqed_w1th an AU of t̢ḧͮ3̔̅̄͆̏̽̚M͗͑̍͑̒̒Ŝ̕Eͩ̃L̵V̐̏̈́E̵S͂̓   but something's changed

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