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I'm starting to post some of my MediaFire tracks on SoundCloud because MediaFire dropped its "listen" function; it's a hassle to have to download something simply to listen to it every time, so I wanted to make things easier! :D

"Trisk" is the short nickname for Triskaideka Sephie because the full name would not fit in the title bar. :P


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Please note: Some of the accounts listed above have been created to counter fake versions (and future fake versions) of myself; don't expect every account to be active!

Exceptions to the tiles in gray are very rare. I choose who I give gifts to; please do not ask or beg, as I do not take requests.

Hello, pageviewers!
I spend most of my free time on the computer. I like animating and drawing digital and traditional pictures. I'm more of a Techno music person.
My interests vary as time goes on, so not everything can be set in stone! ^.^

Current Residence: Floating around cyberspace in the ocean of binary code...

Personal Quotes:
"When I have nothing better to do, RANDOMNESS IS IMMINENT."
"Hold the signature invention of Alexander Graham Bell."
"In the dung desert that is the Internet, there will always be shitstorms. Have an umbrella at the ready. Try not to bring any fans."
"Thinking outside of the box is the best way to be a giraffe amongst sheep— just try not to smack each other in the neck if you meet another giraffe."
"Don't just sit there and take it. Life's bullshit isn't a damn math test."
"Life is breakfast, lunch, and dinner; death is the dessert that is the finale of the entire meal."
"On the Internet, having a different opinion can be so evil... Oh, I have an idea! Let's all act like mindless puppets! Who wants to be Pinocchio?"

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If you watch me, you should also watch :iconnexusdrakeson:!
He makes some of the best Desolate Hope models on Blender...

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Darling, idiots like you should be BURNING IN HELL by Cephei97
Darling, idiots like you should be BURNING IN HELL
...Because in this show, it's dunk or get dunked on. Flowey Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Sans Icon Mettaton EX face 1 

When I first discovered Mettasansey (thanks to a SoundCloud post I found literally yesterday), I wanted to draw him. I still can't believe I never stumbled upon this guy sooner. owo

I came up with a little AU story over how he came into existence.

Sans and Mettaton both had attributes that Flowey envied: power and influence. Using the same cheery and harmless charade he used in the Pacifist Route, he told Papyrus to tell his brother and Mettaton to come over to a somewhat remote clearing in Snowdin's woods with the ridiculous promise of seeing "the eternally immobile snowman actually walking". Flowey refused to show Papyrus the supposed walking snowman until he brought some more people over to see it, too. Sans didn't really buy the story, but he went with his brother anyway just to humor him. Mettaton was perplexed at how a walking snowman would be so interesting since it just could've been a snow monster that was mistaken for one; he went along anyway because he wasn't doing anything at the time.

When the trio finally got to the clearing, it was a little difficult to see things because it was in a darker area of the woods. While Flowey never carried out his promise of showing them a walking snowman, he showed them a snowman nonetheless. The snowman was being held up by vines above them and was dropped in front of them without warning as soon as Flowey heard them enter the clearing. That was enough of a distraction for Mettaton and Sans to become ensnared in Flowey's trap. Once they were completely wrapped in Flowey's vines, the vines tightened like boa constrictor snakes and killed them. Flowey quickly absorbed the souls into his body and went through a transformation.

After absorbing the souls, Flowey's body could not keep one form anymore and became an amalgamation (non-melted because no Determination was involved) of Sans' and Mettaton's bodies. Flowey also gained their memories after obtaining their souls, so he knew how to use any powers they've had from the very beginning. Papyrus tried to run away after seeing his friends die right in front of him, but Mettasansey stopped him by tripping him with a single vine that emerged from the ground. Since Papyrus did not want to end up dead in the same exact way as his brother, Mettasansey used this to his own advantage and threatened to kill Papyrus if he ever tried to warn anyone in advance... 

Personality headcanon:

Flowey behaves like his normal self in the Mettasansey form most of the time, but his personality now has "bonus features" thanks to the new souls he stole that include but are not limited to the following:

- He used to be driven mad by puns and cheesy jokes, but he kind of likes them now. He is also a sucker for ketchup. Go figure.
- He never really cared too much about being in the spotlight, and usually stuck around behind the scenes. Attention now amuses him more than it used to—whether it was fame or infamy.
- He has gained some of the speech habits and patterns of Sans and Mettaton; sometimes you might hear him saying things that they'd usually say and in the same way they say such things.

Tumblr post

Mettasansey belongs to Monodes! :>

Those legs, though.

I'm starting to post some of my MediaFire tracks on SoundCloud because MediaFire dropped its "listen" function; it's a hassle to have to download something simply to listen to it every time, so I wanted to make things easier! :D

"Trisk" is the short nickname for Triskaideka Sephie because the full name would not fit in the title bar. :P
The Sheriff of New Vegas by Cephei97
The Sheriff of New Vegas
In the future of New Vegas, the Securitrons have upgraded their software and hardware to MK VI. Capable of much more flexible movement, they are now bipedal robots free of the restrictions of their monowheel. If the terrain is suitable enough, they can retract the covers on their wheels and roll (kind of like big roller skates). The screens of these Securitrons are now protected by a stronger kind of ballistic glass that cannot be easily shattered by a shotgun's slugs. To decrease vulnerability in combat, the external antennae that older models had is now a built-in internal device that is protected by the Securitron's outer casing. 

Their lasers have been replaced with powerful plasma weapons, and they can now vary in appearance and the weaponry they are capable of using (some use missiles, some use rockets, and a certain someone uses something even more powerful). While Victor has a plasma gun in his left hand like most of the other MK VI Securitrons, he decided to keep the 9mm machine gun in his right arm to have a more old fashioned and cowboy-like style. He's also got spurs that jingle jangle jingle. ;D

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