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Here's a little remix I made today that's been sitting in my head for a while.

"What if there was a sadder version of 'Memory'?" I thought. This was the result.

It's okay if this doesn't even make you "feel" in the least bit... you're never alone when it comes to that.  Flowey icon 8 


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United States
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Please note: Some of the accounts listed above have been created to counter fake versions (and future fake versions) of myself; don't expect every account to be active!

Exceptions to the tiles in gray are very rare. I choose who I give gifts to; please do not ask or beg, as I do not take requests.

Hello, pageviewers!
I spend most of my free time on the computer. I like animating and drawing digital and traditional pictures. I'm more of a Techno music person.
My interests vary as time goes on, so not everything can be set in stone! ^.^

Current Residence: Floating around cyberspace in the ocean of binary code...

Personal Quotes:
"When I have nothing better to do, RANDOMNESS IS IMMINENT."
"Hold the signature invention of Alexander Graham Bell."
"In the dung desert that is the Internet, there will always be shitstorms. Have an umbrella at the ready. Try not to bring any fans."
"Thinking outside of the box is the best way to be a giraffe amongst sheep— just try not to smack each other in the neck if you meet another giraffe."
"Don't just sit there and take it. Life's bullshit isn't a damn math test."
"Life is breakfast, lunch, and dinner; death is the dessert that is the finale of the entire meal."
"On the Internet, having a different opinion can be so evil... Oh, I have an idea! Let's all act like mindless puppets! Who wants to be Pinocchio?"

The best way to hate... by TsukiKoibito

If you watch me, you should also watch :iconnexusdrakeson:!
He makes some of the best Desolate Hope models on Blender...

CoffeeBot by NexusDrakeson


All buttons, stamps, and misc. things found here!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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Stroke the Limb by Cephei97
Stroke the Limb
A big in-joke in the HELP_Tale Discord chat.

Fr_sk would tap stroke that.

(This drawing was a parody image of this. Switching the characters with the ones seen here was :icontheaugmentedscyther:'s hilarious idea. =P)
Serad by Cephei97
Here's a quick little spooky character I made for the month of spookiness. Pumpkin 

Serad was born with no last name and was found in a dusty attic at the age of 6 by police officers when they searched the house of a seemingly lovely family of an old husband and wife with 2 daughters of their own in their late teen years. The family ran a daycare in their large house. While this daycare was in business, an unknown kidnapper was taking the kids from the daycare; that was the story they told the cops until kids as young as 4 month-old babies were found in the attic when an unexpected search warrant caught them off-guard. The children in the attic were taken care of, but Serad escaped from the police. The police officers' superiors were still skeptical about the story they told about them witnessing an inhuman child vanish into thin air from the attic of the child-stealing family.

Serad is a short lady with a height of 4 feet 4 inches. She's over 100 years old as of the present and stopped counting when she hit her first century. She doesn't talk very much, but she does initiate conversations if she's curious about something. Her short fur has odd properties: it can enable those who consume it to turn invisible and phase through solid objects like a ghost. Despite her frequent efforts to keep her fur clean, some have claimed that her fur tastes of old beef jerky and paper. The quantity of fur eaten affects how transparent someone becomes and how long they are able to go through solid objects. The less transparent they are, the shorter the time will be. Getting stuck in a solid object when the effect wears off causes the stuck body part (or entire body if it's a wall) to experience the entire weight of the object it's stuck in. Pray that you don't end up in a brick wall when you run out of time.

 She keeps herself young with the consumption of books and blood every 6 months. Books keep history alive, and blood is a valuable life force. She must read the books before eating them, and the blood must be fresh. If she stops consuming books, her eyes fade away and she slowly goes blind. If she stops consuming blood, her fur will lose its color and fall off. If she starves altogether, she will go through something much worse than being blind and bald.

Throughout her life, she has caught sicknesses and recovered from sicknesses. Not all of them can't be cured; those are kept at bay with the temporary healing properties of books and blood. When she starts to starve, the symptoms of the uncured sicknesses along with age come back to haunt her. Textual substitutes (such as magazines) and non-plant-derived organic material (like bones) will only partially rid her of her ailments little by little if she cannot find what she truly needs. 
Here's a little remix I made today that's been sitting in my head for a while.

"What if there was a sadder version of 'Memory'?" I thought. This was the result.

It's okay if this doesn't even make you "feel" in the least bit... you're never alone when it comes to that.  Flowey icon 8 

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